Sophia and Finnegan's Art Gallery




Finn’s Art


About the Artist


Finn is a lively almost 2-year-old who doesn’t like to slow down, much less stop to pick up a crayon.  But he does find the thrill of markers enticing enough to take five and whip out a masterpiece or two before he’s off to menace the cat or build a railway empire. 


“Ducky” 3/30/08

True to his rebel, bad-boy style, Finn refuses to stay “in the lines” and chooses arbitrary colors to express feeling and opinion.



“Wooo Wooo Wooo…” 10/27/07

Titled after the noises he made while creating this piece, Finn’s unbridled use of red marker once again signifies his mutinous character and will to live on the edge.



Sophia’s Art


About the Artist


Sophia, or Oispiha as she would have you spell it, is a young 3 ½-year-old budding artist.  Her favorite subjects include elephants and young, long-haired, pretty girls in make-up.  Detail is very important to Sophia, as is evident in her masterpieces.  She includes the wrinkles on her elephant’s trunks, bows in her girls’ hair, eyelashes on their eyes and pads on the puppy dog’s feet.  Note: I have tried to include as many of the details in the artist’s own words as possible.


“Torn Paper Giraffe” 3/5/08

This is Sophia’s most amazing piece, in my opinion, yet.  She has a great sense of relativity and balance.  She includes details to define and identify her subject and the color choices are superb.  Definitely a piece I will always treasure.


“Horton Hears a Who the Elephant” 10/21/07

This is a classic elephant drawing of Sophia’s.  Drawn before her “big bum” phase, this elephant lacks any torso and instead has disembodied legs.  The trunk has dimension and wrinkles, the eyes have pupils.  Her awareness for detail is budding.  This elephant is, in fact, Horton as he is holding a clover in his trunk.


“Sophia and Mom” 3/27/08

Mom is on the left, Sophia on the right.  Mom has a “bell dress” and make-up on (evident by the dark mouth/lips).  Mom has ears, eyelashes, eyebrows and fingers—more details.  Sophia has long hair which is represented by the two long lines extending up from Sophia’s head. 


“Mrs. Jumbo, Dumbo and Timothy” 4/1/08

This is probably one of my favorite drawings just because of the artist’s comments on the piece.  Mrs. Jumbo is “in the clink” center picture and Dumbo and Timothy (located on Dumbo’s hat) have “come to visit and are sad”.


Rainbow Square” 12/08/07

The scan really didn’t do this piece justice.  It’s a wonderful balance of color.


“Snacky—A Polka-Dotty Spider” 10/21/07

This is a rare glimpse of anything other than elephants or princess-like self-portraits.  I believe she intended to name the spider Sneaky but said Snacky instead, and since she is just as stubborn as her mother, she couldn’t correct herself—especially after I inquired of the mistake.