Our New Baby This Week


Here's Our "Little" Man!




Finnegan James Glancey


Born:  Saturday May 20, 2006 at 7:09 p.m.


Weight:  10 pounds, 9 ounces


Length:  21 1/2 inches


Looks:  Just like his father!



The first thing Chris and I both noticed is that he’s got Chris’s “monkey ears”.  But beyond that, he really does look just like Chris.  He’s got really dark eyes.  They seem to be blue, but I honestly can’t tell if they’ll lighten and stay blue or if they’ll be brown.



He is a really beautiful baby!  He came out face up so he didn’t have the squished nose that Sophie had from the birth canal.  Plus, he has really great color and he’s got lots of chub!  His fingernails were really long, too, so he scratched his face up quite a bit.  He seems to have been a thumb sucker in utero because he roots for his hands a lot when the waitress is slow bringing his food out (he’d fire her, but he thinks she’s something special).      







Need a movie?


Finn opens his eyes.

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One more thing…

More pictures of Finnegan should be appearing on www.growingfamily.com in the next few days.  At the site, click on the web nursery link and search for a baby born on 5/20 to Gla in WA.