Our New Baby This Week


2 months


Another month flies by!  Finn had a wonderful checkup this month.  He weighed in at…are you ready for this?...18 lbs 2 oz!  And even more impressive, he measured 26 ˝ inches!  He’s going to be an impressive man!  The nurse said that when she read his name she thought it was such a big name for such a little guy.  Then, she met him and now she thinks it fits.



This is Finn at 2 months and this is his cousin, Josh, at 2 months.

Strong resemblance, eh?


Aunt Katie and Finn relax in the shade.


Dad and Finn play “So Big”.


This month, Finn found his hand!  He continues to delight and enchant us with his coos and smiles!  Of course, we’re all won over because he is excessively easy on the eyes, too!  He’s a heart breaker!