Our New Baby This Week


2 Weeks


With each passing day, Finn becomes more comfortable with his surroundings. But his vision is still fuzzy. In fact, a newborn's range of vision is only 12 inches or so, which helps explain why our faces are the most interesting thing to him right now. While the rest of the world is a blur, he can clearly see who's holding him.Doesnít that make you want to come for a visit?



Iíve had several people remark that Finn looks like a 2 month old; not a 2 week old.If I didnít know better, Iíd probably guess the same.During the first month, newborns generally donít stretch out or unfurl much.Theyíre supposed to like swaddling.Not our big boy.He has no qualms stretching all the way out and he actually protests when I swaddle him!



Finn is a really good baby and he doesnít cry much, but heís been a little fussy lately and I can only assume itís because heís got pink eye.Weíre not sure where he got it but it wonít go away.I took him to the doctor last week to get medication for it (he weighed 11 lb 6 oz, BTW), and after the 5 day course of antibiotics, the pink eye came back.After some further investigation, I found that about 20% of all newborns are born with blocked or partially blocked tear ducts.Then, at about 2 weeks when their first real tears form, it becomes a problem because the tears cannot properly drain into the nose.So, it all gets blocked up and then becomes infected.Most likely, this is whatís happening with Finn.If the tear ducts donít open on their own by 6 months to a year, then a minor out-patient surgery might be in order.Iím choosing not to think about that right now.


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Alright, I suppose you all want pictures!


My personal favorites:










Finnís Uncle Dav (Godfather, too) came to visit!