Our New Baby This Week


4 months


Oops!  2 months later…


Well, we’ll just have to make it a mega page, then!


Finn, 3 months:


We took Finn and Sophie to Boise so the family could all meet Finn and, of course, see Sophie again!

Finn and Great Grandpop Glancey!  I think Finn looks just like him!


Big cousin Nick must be super comfy!


Proud Grandpa Behler and a very happy Finnegan!


Great Grandma V even made the trip from Buhl to meet the little guy and see Sophie again!


Big cousin Josh couldn’t wait to meet Finn!  And Finn looks pretty happy to have met big cousin Josh, too!


We had a pool party at Grandma and Grandpop Glancey’s. 


Finn didn’t care for the water much…


but Sophie did!


Then, we went to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Shenk.  They were tickled to see the kids!


Finn is finally old enough for his exersaucer.  He absolutely loves it!  I guess, why wouldn’t he?  He’s been on his back for the last 3 months…it’s probably nice to see the world from an upright perspective!


     Dad’s first bath with Finn!  They both really enjoyed it.  I thought it would be a more regular thing…hmmm.


Finn, 4 months:


Finn took his first “big boy” bath this month, too!  Of course, he couldn’t do it alone!  Sophie had to be there!

She showed him the ropes.  Er, I mean, ducks.


He makes the funniest faces!  What’s so intriguing?


Sophie and Finn hang out in bed one lazy morning.


We had Finn baptized on Sept 9th.  It was really wonderful to have some family here to celebrate with us.  Finn wore the family baptismal gown.  The gown was bought for Chris’s Dad, Jim, in 1956.  So, how appropriate that Jim’s first grandson wears it 50 years later!


Grandpop and Finn on the morning of the baptism.


Mom, Sophie, Uncle Dav (Godfather), Finn, Dad and Jyl (Proxy Godmother).


Finn receives the blessing with chrism oil from Fr. Hersey.



No, just kidding! It’s just a little chilly.


Proud Uncle and Godfather!


A Four Generation Picture!


And a family of four!


Finn and Great Grandmom Glancey.  She had a big baby, too!  Grandpop Glancey was 10 lb 10 oz when he finally came out!


“Sister!  You’ve got something on your face!”


Every baby’s got ‘em!  Naked baby pictures!


He’s so cute!


He makes the funniest faces!

You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about, Finn!  You’re the cutest baby I’ve seen in a while!


I-D-A-H-O! Idaho! Idaho! Go, Go, Go!


Future Vandals!





The photo of the month:

The forgotten stooge!  He makes the funniest faces!