Our New Baby This Week


5 Weeks


Wow!  A month old already!  He’s cuter by the day—a real heartbreaker! 



Don’t you think?


Finn is really an amazing baby.  He’s started smiling—real smiles, too.  The best time to catch one on his lips is right after eating.  He always has this very satisfied, euphoric look on his face, and we laugh that he’s drunk on good milk!  He can track objects with his eyes for more than a few seconds now, and his head is steadier, too.  Chris will hold him upright in a sitting position and Finn watches Sophie as she wiggles around the room.  We’re encouraging his neck strength by giving him “tummy time”.  Sophie is a great cheerleader!



Finn’s Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t stand it any longer and came for a visit over father’s day weekend.  They adore him just as much as we do.



Everyone says Finn looks just like his daddy, but I’m seeing a pretty strong resemblance between his Grandpa and him.  Do you see it?




More pictures here.