Our New Baby This Week


4 months


Oops!  2 months later…


In the insightful words of Sophie…“What am I doin’ here?”


Finn, 5 months (October):


So this month Finn got his first 2 teeth.  Yep, two (2).  I cried.  That pretty much means he’s not a newborn anymore.  That’s not okay.  I want him to stay little forever!


This month I took the kids to Clarkston/Lewiston to meet the family.  Since my cousins both have babies really close to Finn’s age, I couldn’t wait any longer to meet them and have them meet Finn. Of course, of all the things I forgot, I forgot my camera.  *sigh*  But maybe my cousin will send me copies of the pictures she took (hint, hint) so I can post them here soon.



I bought the Johnny Jump Up for Sophie but she didn’t really care for it.  Finn on the other hand thinks it’s great and especially likes it when I tighten up the strap so he can swing in it.


You know, before I had kids I swore I’d never dress my kids alike.  I used to think it was dorky, but it’s just so cute!  And, WowZa, what a great picture coordinating outfits make!  Plus, I’m just a little proud that I made their outfits.


Sophie and Finn went as Dora the Explorer and her little monkey friend, Boots, this year for Halloween.  While I did make Sophie’s costume—including the wig—I can’t take credit for Finn’s ADORABLE Boots costume.  My mom made his costume.  I think he makes the cutest monkey I have ever seen!  Oh, I want him to stay this little forever!


Here I go again…more photo shoots.  I just can’t help it.  The kid smiles so I want to take his picture.  He’s just so happy!


Sophie really likes to hold her baby brother.  She often says, “He’s so cute, isn’t he?” and, “He’s a little boy…oooh.”


Finn, 6 months (November):


Finn had his 6-month well baby check up.  The doctor is really pleased with his growth and development.  I’m a little worried he’s on the skinny side.  He’s awful long and stringy.  Not really a football player build any more…more of a basketball player now.


I think that 3rd tooth is coming in soon.  He sure is slobbery!


He is really fascinated with the kitty.  And the kitty is so good with him.  There’s no way Buffalo would tolerate this hold coming from Sophie or myself.


Finn’s Grandma—the same one who made his costume—made his baby quilt.  Wow, she’s crafty!  Finn and kitty approve!  Mommy does, too!  Way to Go, Gmom!


Here we go again…another photo shoot.  This one has a great ending, though.


Oh, I know, Finn, you don’t want to play this anymore but just 1 more shot…


Pi-yow!  There it is!  The money shot!


Watch out, mate!  There’s a Drooly Monster on the loose and he’s got wild hair that sticks up all over the place, two snaggly sharp teeth, a crazy look in his eye and he bites the heads off crocodiles!