Our New Baby This Week


7 Weeks


What a big boy we have!  At Finn’s 1 month check up (which was really like a month and a week), he weighed a whopping 15 lbs and measured 24 inches!  That puts him way off the charts for both length and weight, but he’s not fat.  He’s 70th percentile for his weight to length ratio—average. 


He’s so wonderful.  He’s a really good baby and he’s been “sleeping through the night” for about a week now.  I use quotes because medically “sleeping through the night” is 6 hours.  So, medically speaking, he’s sleeping through the night.  But, mommy speaking, he’s not.  I still want about 3 more hours after he wakes up!  Someday, right?



Here’s a photo for the “Fiancé file”.



Abby crocheted this blanket for Finn.  She did a beautiful job and it took her 5 months.  Also, Abby learned to sew while she was here.  She made the dress she’s wearing!



What a cutie!


More pictures here.





I made a page for 5 weeks and never got around to posting it.  You can view it here.