Our Baby This Week


24 Weeks


Wow, itís amazing how difficult it is to keep a website when you donít have a home.Anyway, as most of you already know, we peeked in out package and itís most definitely a BOY! Chris and I are so tickled to have one of each flavor!The ultrasound showed a few things.One, the baby is big, just like Sophie was and therefore puts our due date at May 8th. But, thatís not enough of a discrepancy from May 19th to officially change the date.And two, I have a condition called synechea.

This is when sheets of tissue form across the uterus in the space where the baby normally would have space to move freely.I have 3 said sheets.Two are in my lower lateral right side and the third is in the upper left.The third sheetís growth appears to have been stunted by the growth of the uterus and isnít of any concern.This condition is very rare and as long as the tissues donít rupture, there havenít been any documented cases of any birth defects associated with it.Itís thought that this condition is caused by scar tissue on the uterus from previous D&Cs.

This condition does carry some concern for labor and delivery complications, however.One, the chances for a preterm labor and delivery go way up so I am now considered a high-risk pregnancy. Two, this condition has a high association with placenta previa which would necessitate a c-section--which this placenta is considered low-lying but not previa.Three, the previous D&C I had after Sophie coupled with this condition pretty much ensures Iíll need another D&C after the birth of this baby (if I deliver vaginally).And four, this condition can worsen over time and eventually cause Ashermanís Syndrome which could leave me sterile.This is no big deal if this is the last baby, but if we want to have more, Iíll need a procedure called a laproscopy done to clean up my uterus and the scar tissue associated with the D&Cs.

So, really, while we bombard heaven with prayers, we feel confident that God will deliver us a healthy boy. Thereíre just a lot more doctorís visits and ultrasounds than usual with this pregnancy.


Our baby's growing steadily, gaining about a quarter of a pound since last week, when he was just over a pound. Since he's almost a foot long, that makes a pretty lean figure, but his body is filling out proportionally and he'll soon put on more baby fat. Our baby's skin is thin, translucent, and wrinkled, his brain is growing rapidly, and his taste buds are developing. His lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree" and cells that produce surfactant, a substance that helps the air sacs inflate easily.††


Info taken from BabyCenter.com



Chris and I are starting to kick around some names. We have our definite favorites but we want to hear from you, too. So email us with your suggestions.
















Note that, for the purposes of this chart, babies are measured from the crown (or top) of the head to the rump (or bottom) until about 20 weeks. After that, they're measured from head to toe.



Gestational age

Length (US)

Weight (US)

Length (cm)

Mass (g)

20 weeks

10.08 inches

10.58 ounces

25.6 cm

300 grams

21 weeks

10.51 inches

12.70 ounces

26.7 cm

360 grams

22 weeks

10.94 inches

15.17 ounces

27.8 cm

430 grams

23 weeks

11.38 inches

1.10 pound

28.9 cm

501 grams

24 weeks

11.81 inches

1.32 pound

30 cm

600 grams

25 weeks

13.62 inches

1.46 pound

34.6 cm

660 grams

26 weeks

14.02 inches

1.68 pound

35.6 cm

760 grams

27 weeks

14.41 inches

1.93 pound

36.6 cm

875 grams

28 weeks

14.80 inches

2.22 pounds

37.6 cm

1005 grams

29 weeks

15.2 inches

2.54 pounds

38.6 cm

1153 grams

30 weeks

15.71 inches

2.91 pounds

39.9 cm

1319 grams

31 weeks

16.18 inches

3.31 pounds

41.1 cm

1502 grams

32 weeks

16.69 inches

3.75 pounds

42.4 cm

1702 grams

33 weeks

17.20 inches

4.23 pounds

43.7 cm

1918 grams

34 weeks

17.72 inches

4.73 pounds

45 cm

2146 grams

35 weeks

18.19 inches

5.25 pounds

46.2 cm

2383 grams

36 weeks

18.66 inches

5.78 pounds

47.4 cm

2622 grams

37 weeks

19.13 inches

6.30 pounds

48.6 cm

2859 grams

38 weeks

19.61 inches

6.80 pounds

49.8 cm

3083 grams

39 weeks

19.96 inches

7.25 pounds

50.7 cm

3288 grams

40 weeks

20.16 inches

7.63 pounds

51.2 cm

3462 grams

41 weeks

20.35 inches

7.93 pounds

51.7 cm

3597 grams

42 weeks

20.28 inches

8.12 pounds

51.5 cm

3685 grams

43 weeks

20.20 inches

8.19 pounds

51.3 cm

3717 grams