Our New Baby This Week


34 Weeks


Well, what a big boy we’ve got!  Last week at the doctor’s office, they estimated his weight to be 6 lbs 4 oz  and 18 inches already!  If that follows the “half a pound a week from here on out” rule mentioned in week 32, then at 38 weeks (which is when I had Sophie) he’ll be 9.375 lbs!  We’re looking at a 10 lb baby!  Yikes!  Oh, but there’s good news, too!  The doctor checked my cervix and he said, “You have a nice and roomy pelvis; you won’t have any problem delivering a large baby.”  I’m not so sure that’s a compliment.  Anyway, there really is good news.  After the last ultrasound, the doctor said that this looks like a totally normal pregnancy now and I probably won’t need as close of monitoring anymore.  In fact, the technician doing the ultrasound had a difficult time finding the synechea because he’s so big he’s pushed them aside.  Yippee! 

Also, the contractions have started in massive!  I am currently having contractions every 20 minutes, but they’re not getting any stronger or any closer together so I think this may be the very beginning of latent labor.  We’ll see, I guess.  The good news is: if our baby were born today his chances of surviving — and thriving in the long run — would be excellent. His skin is smooth and he's layering on the fat he needs to control his body temperature when he enters the world. His central nervous system is still maturing and his lungs are well developed by now.  We actually got to see him practicing breathing on last week’s ultrasound.

This is what the baby looks like now:



Oh, one more thing the ultrasound showed us is that he is head down now but he hadn’t engaged.  So, I haven’t “lightened.”


Info taken from BabyCenter.com


 Chris and I are curious what you all think the name of the baby boy should be. We have narrowed it down to our two favorites, but we still want to know if you have any input. So, if you think of a name (first or middle) that's not on the list but want to suggest it, email us. 


Andrew Danger

Finnegan James


BTW, we’ve heard that we may have some difficulty baptizing him if we named him Andrew Danger because traditionally the middle name is supposed to be a saint’s.  Does anyone know the truth behind this or anything about it?  I kinda thought it may not be so anymore because the Catholic Church has moved more towards the grey in so many areas.


We’ve had some inquiries about a baby registry.  We are registered at Babies “R” Us.



Note that, for the purposes of this chart, babies are measured from the crown (or top) of the head to the rump (or bottom) until about 20 weeks. After that, they're measured from head to toe.


Gestational age

Length (US)

Weight (US)

Length (cm)

Mass (g)

20 weeks

10.08 inches

10.58 ounces

25.6 cm

300 grams

21 weeks

10.51 inches

12.70 ounces

26.7 cm

360 grams

22 weeks

10.94 inches

15.17 ounces

27.8 cm

430 grams

23 weeks

11.38 inches

1.10 pound

28.9 cm

501 grams

24 weeks

11.81 inches

1.32 pound

30 cm

600 grams

25 weeks

13.62 inches

1.46 pound

34.6 cm

660 grams

26 weeks

14.02 inches

1.68 pound

35.6 cm

760 grams

27 weeks

14.41 inches

1.93 pound

36.6 cm

875 grams

28 weeks

14.80 inches

2.22 pounds

37.6 cm

1005 grams

29 weeks

15.2 inches

2.54 pounds

38.6 cm

1153 grams

30 weeks

15.71 inches

2.91 pounds

39.9 cm

1319 grams

31 weeks

16.18 inches

3.31 pounds

41.1 cm

1502 grams

32 weeks

16.69 inches

3.75 pounds

42.4 cm

1702 grams

33 weeks

17.20 inches

4.23 pounds

43.7 cm

1918 grams

34 weeks

17.72 inches

4.73 pounds

45 cm

2146 grams

35 weeks

18.19 inches

5.25 pounds

46.2 cm

2383 grams

36 weeks

18.66 inches

5.78 pounds

47.4 cm

2622 grams

37 weeks

19.13 inches

6.30 pounds

48.6 cm

2859 grams

38 weeks

19.61 inches

6.80 pounds

49.8 cm

3083 grams

39 weeks

19.96 inches

7.25 pounds

50.7 cm

3288 grams

40 weeks

20.16 inches

7.63 pounds

51.2 cm

3462 grams

41 weeks

20.35 inches

7.93 pounds

51.7 cm

3597 grams

42 weeks

20.28 inches

8.12 pounds

51.5 cm

3685 grams

43 weeks

20.20 inches

8.19 pounds

51.3 cm

3717 grams