Our Baby This Month



10 months


Well, I guess the big news this month is that little Sophie is walking, but crawling is still faster for her.  So mostly, it’s a happy combo of the two.  She’ll start off walking but then need to get somewhere quickly so she’ll drop to all fours and speed off to where ever it is her little eye spies.  That’s most often the refrigerator.  I don’t know why, but she thinks its great fun to stand in the fridge and dance.  She’s also getting very inventive to get to places she’s not supposed to be.  In this picture, she’s trying to get in the bathroom—she just loves her baths! 



Nearly every day, now that the weather is nice, we go for walk.  And sometimes we bring lunch or dinner along and picnic.  I think Sophie thinks this is the best!



Chris and I laugh about how alike Sophie and the cat are…they both eat the little white fuzzies off the carpet, they’re fascinated by the same things, they both make a b-line for the door when it opens, etc.  We joke that we shouldn’t have bought Sophie any toys since she prefers to play with the cat’s toys anyway.  This is probably her favorite toy currently.



Sophie started “swimming” lessons, too.  She doesn’t think she’s as little as I know she is.  She loves the water and is fearless of it.  She tries to launch out of my arms and take off swimming.  On this day, she played in that little kiddy pool for over an hour!  She probably would have stayed in longer but I made her get out for a nap.



But when all is said and done, she settles down for the night and she’s such a little angel!