Our Baby This Month



11 months


I cannot believe another month is gone already.  Now her birthday is quickly approaching and I catch myself feeling blue that she’s growing up so quickly.  She’s more and more like a big girl every day.  She now prefers to walk…everywhere.  Most days, she just toodles back and forth from the family room to the kitchen then occasionally into the nursery, bathroom or master bedroom.  She only had the “Frankenstein walk” for a couple days.  Now, she walks around with her hands down at her sides, like she’s unsure what to do with them.  It makes Chris and I laugh so much because it reminds us of a penguin waddle or a Flintstone walk.  She’s also started smiling really intensely.  This new smile is incredibly contagious because she smiles so big her eyes shut and her nose wrinkles and all 6 teeth show (Yep, she got her two middle top teeth this month).  You can kind of see what I’m talking about in the next two pictures.   




Sophie still enjoys her baths, and I still like to take pictures of her in the bath.  She especially thinks it’s neat to drink the water as it comes out of the faucet.



I think this month she really started to look more and more like her dad than me.  As evident in these two pictures, she definitely got his eye color.




But the highlight of this month was our trip to Disneyland and then camping in Silver Creek after.  I was surprised how aware Sophie was of the goings on around her in Disneyland.  I didn’t figure she’d show much enthusiasm one way or the other for it, but if you could have seen how she just about jumped out of her stroller when she saw Mickey Mouse…There’s no question she knew what was going on!  Here, Sophie and her cousin Abby pose for a few snapshots.




For me, though, I was tickled to meet Ariel!



Sophie was tickled with the Kleenex box in the hotel room.



And camping was a relaxing weekend after a full throttle week.  Here we are sitting around the camp fire.



Sophie’s favorite part about camping was the beach ball at the “Plunge.”



We had a great time, but it’s nice to be home and back to routine.