Our Baby This Month



Happy Birthday,



Wow!  One year old already!  What’s more crazy to me is that I thought when Sophie was born I’d be thinking about another baby when she was a year old.  Now I think I’ll wait another year…especially after this last month.  Sophie had the mystery illness from hell.  Just when we thought she was getting over it, a new symptom would pop up.  It all started with a runny nose.  Then after diarrhea, a round of amoxicillin, a 102 fever, a migrating rash that looked like hives, 3 trips to the doctor, a heart murmur and a second mystery ‘viral’ rash she finally felt better and slept better.  Yes, she was as miserable as she looked…we all were.




But, once all was well again we’ve had nothing but fun!

Sophie’s Uncle Pat came for a surprise visit.   He was thrilled when she started toodling around the house repeating, “Pat.”  Of course, a visit from Pat means we went to lunch at Gambino’s.  Sophie had her first spaghetti.




It seems like Sophie’s favorite places to play are the rooms I don’t want her to be in.  I think her most favorite room is the bathroom, but with all the boxes around for moving, I just build a wall to keep her out.  This isn’t going to work very much longer because she’s acquired a new skill:  climbing.  She enjoys climbing up and down the couch and stairs and would do it for hours if her mom had the patience for it.



Her other favorite room is the kitchen.  She loves to empty out the Tupperware cupboard and help empty the dishwasher…even if you’re trying to load it.  So a lot of clean dishes have to take a second spin through the dishwasher.



Also, in the above picture, she’s wearing a ribbon around her shoulders.  This is also a new thing for her.  She has 2 ribbons that I had saved from presents and she loves to put them around her shoulders while she toodles around the house.  We always tell her how pretty she looks.  Don’t you think?


Sophie also had a well baby check up this month.  She is a big girl!  She weighed in at 23 lbs 8 oz which puts her in the 70th percentile.  She measured 32 inches which puts her off the charts!  She’ll be tall and beautiful!