Our Baby This Month



14 months


Wow!  What an exciting month!  Sophie’s going to be a big sister so we’ve been busy getting ready for this big change in our lives.  Sophie is working on giving up the pacifier and bottle.  She’s starting to be a big girl.  She’s also learning where mom’s baby is (she lifts my shirt and points to my belly button) and she’s working on her surprise face for when the baby comes!




Sophie is starting to take on more and more personality.  She’s definitely a girly girl.  See the beads?   She wears them every day.  And shoes are the best thing since peanut butter…especially if they’re high heels.  I have to think she’s picking this stuff up from her cousins.   They’ve been a wonderful influence on her development.





Sophie has also learned about cows from the county fair.  She had a wonderful time in the cow barn and now knows that a cow says moo.  The problem is that she also thinks horses and sheep say moo.