Our Baby This Month



15 months


Well, the bottle is no more!  That’s very exciting because I feel like the bedtime routine has shifted from a baby’s to more of a big girl’s.  She is becoming such a big girl, too!  How much she learns every day astounds me!  I thought that the day she was born was the single most amazing day of my life.  It was great but watching who she becomes everyday since then astonishes me even more.





Sophie’s first Halloween went over really well.  She really enjoyed the pumpkin patch…well, eventually she enjoyed the pumpkin patch.  At first, she didn’t want to get her hands dirty and so wouldn’t touch them.  By the end, though, she was rolling pumpkins with the other kids.  She also entered a Halloween costume contest at the Lewiston mall and took 2nd place in the 0-4 years division.  There was some pretty stiff competition, too!  She was 1 of probably 50+ cute kids in really cute outfits. 

Did you know Sophie’s Grandma Behler made her costume this year?  It even has little tags in the bloomers and dress that say, “made with love by Grandma.”  Way to go, Grandma, it’s a keeper!  Also, Sophie is wearing her Great Grandma Behler’s beads.  They just made the costume complete!




And another first this month:  Sophie’s first trip to the ER.  She got a really bad cold from her cousin and it developed into a couple of ear infections.  Her fever spiked really high on a Sunday night and I panicked.  So, we headed to the ER and she was treated for ear infections.  We also learned that Sophie is definitely allergic to amoxicillin.  This is kind of a bummer because the alternative medicines are tres expensive!

Well, until next month…a little moment of zen:


Was this really a year ago?