Our Toddler This Month



17 months


Wow!  Another month has gone by so quickly.  But, as promised, I did take more pictures this month.  How could I not, there’s so much happening!  Sophie’s Dad graduated from the University of Idaho with his Doctorate of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering this month.  Sitting through that ceremony was just about torture for active little Sophie, but she made it!



We also had Christmas photos taken this month and Sophie did the best job yet!  She smiled wonderfully…as long as the photographer didn’t get too close!




It’s moving time…again.  Chris has found a job at Boeing in Seattle so we’ll be moving there at the end of January.  Just like last time, Sophie is having a great time helping us pack.  She can unpack just as fast as we can pack!




We took Sophie down to Locomotive Park to see all the Christmas lights.  She really enjoyed the different colors and music.  She was twirling and dancing in the middle of the festivities!