Our Toddler This Month



18 months



Can you believe she’s a year and a half already?  Even more unbelievable is that there’s another one on the way!  I am feeling fairly overwhelmed with all these thoughts coupled with a big move to an unfamiliar place.  Sophie, on the other hand, has handled everything so far with remarkable grace.  For that I am so grateful.  She is amazing.


Sophie had a wonderful time at Grandma and Grandpa’s in Boise.  And they spoiled her rotten!  Grandma found her a play house for a steal and Sophie just loved it!  I guess you could guess that Grandma loved it, too!



Sophie’s vocabulary seems to double every day.  She never ceases to amaze me with the connections she makes and the words she picks up.  Her latest favorite words are bath and bubbles and preferably together!

Here, she’s taking a bubble bath with her cousins, Isabel (3) and Claire (2). 



So, here we are in rainy Seattle.  Even though it is cloudy most of the time, the grogginess doesn’t really get us down.  We’ve got a lot of exciting things going on right now.  Sophie actually seems to prefer the rain.  She’s found a new love:  splashing in puddles.  Of course, the first thing I bought her here in Seattle was an umbrella.  She’s really too little to get it, but it’s so cute.  As we all know, she does get shoes and loves her new “puddle” shoes.  Don’t you?