Our Toddler This Month



19 months


The “terrible twos” are here.  She’s testing the water every time I turn around.  I feel like a broken record, “Sophie, no.”  And she’s becoming so bossy!  The poor cat can’t do anything right.  But for all the frustration and agony, she really is a sweet girl and totally worth all the patience. 

Her biggest news this month is her new “big girl” bed.  When we moved here, we started her out in a toddler bed, but with the new baby on the way, we quickly moved her into a day bed.




She’s really proud of herself and likes that she’s “mommy’s big girl.”

She especially likes using the stool to get in and out of bed.  I was worried that she wouldn’t stay in bed if she woke up during the middle of the night, but (knock on wood) we haven’t had any problems.  She just stays in bed and calls out to us.  I really like that this bed is big enough for me to crawl into with her.  We like to snuggle in the mornings.


Along with her big girl bed, she got a new dresser, too.  That part is boring for her, but I’m tickled that all of her clothes fit in the drawers!



Just this month, Sophie has really taken a liking to Winnie the Pooh and Nemo.  She loves the movies and she really likes reading about them in her books.  She has a Pooh back pack that is practically glued on her back.


Sophie has also picked up a lot more vocabulary words.  Amongst them is my personal favorite: nipples (pronounced: numbles).  I get a big kick when she confuses them for elbows.  I think the most endearing phrase she’s started saying is, “I hold you.”  While she actually means that she wants me to hold her, it’s just so cute that she offers to hold me!