Our Toddler This Month



20 months


Sophie’s Big Girl Room



Sophie continues to amaze us every day as she’s still enraptured by the same wonders (bubbles, Nemo and Pooh Bear) and adds more to the list (Princess Ariel, bunnies and rocks).  Here, I’m blowing bubbles for her in the bath.  She especially likes this because she can catch them and they don’t pop.



Just in the nick of time, she’s added another movie to her favorites, “The Little Mermaid.”  I was starting to think that I was going to have to buy another copy of Nemo and Pooh because she loves watching them so much they have shaky parts now.  Usually I can appease her with books about Pooh and Nemo.  Here, she’s reading one of her chubby Pooh books.  She’s got them nearly memorized.  I hear her in her room from time to time reciting her favorite ones.



Sophie’s vocabulary continues to expand.  Just the other day she was able to discern between dragonflies (‘doggie flies’) and butterflies (‘pot pies’).  And she’s started saying “please” when she wants something.  That’s so nice to hear.  It’s like reinforcement that she actually hears and gets the things I try to teach her.


Speaking of teaching…We’ve been working on colors.  She hasn’t made the connection yet, but I don’t think it’s far off.  She likes to color so I am trying to reinforce the names of all her crayons. 


One thing she’s picked up that I wasn’t working with her on is counting.  She can count to ten.  Well…she can recite to ten.  She moves objects while she’s counting but she’ll move them again if she’s run out of objects and hasn’t reached ten yet.  Or, she’ll skip a few numbers if she’s on her last object so that there’s ten (“1…2…3…4…5…10”).


And of course, she still loves to be ‘pretty’.  She thinks my makeup is just so much fun…I think it’s such a mess.



My good friend, Heather, came to visit with her little boy, Michael.  Michael is one year older than Sophie, but they got along great!  Heather insists everyone call him Michael, but Sophie preferred Mike.  It was pretty comical.   We had a wonderful time and the kids really enjoyed the Sound.






We went at low tide so we could comb the beach a little and possibly see some neat habitats in the tide pools.  The kids really just liked throwing rocks into the Sound.