Our Toddler This Month



21 months


What a fun month we’ve had!  We’re preparing for Sophie’s baby brother to join us any day and Sophie is so ready for it!  My good friend, Katie, came to visit with her 3 month old, and Sophie was wonderfully patient and gentle with the baby.  I know she’ll be a great big sister! 


On a particularly brave and rainy day, I decided to let Sophie paint.  I stripped her naked and set her to work on the kitchen floor with bottles of acrylic, a paintbrush and a sheet of poster board.  She had a wonderful time experimenting with her fingers, toes, and paintbrush, and she was really quite proud of her masterpiece:



Sophie celebrated her second Easter this month.  She really didn’t understand the Easter bunny thing, but she really liked looking for the eggs he left behind.  She got really excited when she saw they had candy inside!  We tried decorating eggs this year with Tony and Jen, but Sophie just wasn’t that interested.  Here’s a picture of this year’s eggs:



We took Sophie to the doctor on the 21st just for a “meet the new doctor” appointment.  And, wow, what a big girl indeed!  She measured 36” and 34.5 lbs!  She’s roughly the size of an average 2.5 to 3 year old!  Afterward, we were discussing the rule of thumb for full maturity height. It goes; your height at age 2 doubled is how tall you’ll be fully grown.  This means Sophie will be at least 6 feet!  I guess, I am 6 feet—why wouldn’t she be, too?  Also, the doctor said her 2 year molars are budding.  That explains the runny nose and irritability.



Beyond that, we’ve been having some wonderful weather around here and taking full advantage of it!  Chris’s cousin, Mark, came to visit for the weekend of the 22nd and we went to the park and zoo.  Sophie really enjoyed the zoo—even though she’s not smiling for any of the pictures.



River Otter & Orangutan


Monkey & Penguins 


We also had to stop and pose for various photo ops!  Again, Sophie wouldn’t smile!






With the weather so nice, we’ve been down at the marina almost every day!  Sophie really enjoys the swings and slides, but Chris and I convince her to walk down to the water with us.  If we go at low tide, it’s really neat to flip over the rocks and watch all the little crabs scurry about. 












She couldn’t help but smile for these pictures!