Our Toddler This Month



22 months



22 months already!   With the arrival of Sophie’s little brother, Finnegan, I think back to when she was first born and it really doesn’t seem all that long ago.  And, really, in the whole scheme of things…22 months really wasn’t that long ago.  I must be nuts!

Well, most of this month went by without a little brother, so we managed to squeeze in last minute fun just the three of us!  Well…actually, we’ve had a constant stream of company for the past 4 weeks.  So, I guess it’s not really just the three of us.  First, Grandma and Grandpa came to visit.  We had a great time down at the sound at low tide.




Grandma and I even made Sophie a new “Princess” (dress).



(Whoa, momma, that’s a big belly!)


Then, the next weekend, Sophie’s Grandma came back!  We went to the Museum of Flight and toured a retired Air Force One plane and a Concord.  Sophie had a blast playing in the old biplane!




Sophie is 100% girl!  She loves playing dress up and styling her hair and putting on makeup!

In this picture, she’s got her “Princess”, “crown”, and shoes with “butterflies” on.  She even styled her own hair!  Then, to top it off, she’s got her coat and purse on because she’s going to the store!



She’s an aspiring makeup artist…a cheesy makeup artist!






Then, it happened.  D-day.  This is Sophie the morning of May 20th.  Grandma Kelly came for a visit.  She just flew in that morning…how lucky!



Here’s Sophie with her brand new baby brother!





And, lastly, Sophie can jump!  I thought I’d post a video so you can all see her playing and at the very end…jumping.  To view the video, right click here and save it (it’s just faster that way).