Our Toddler This Month



23 months



What a fun month!  I haven’t had time to catch my breath, let alone update the site.  Anyway, I’m making time now…


Sophie is so funny!  She’s very creative and makes us laugh daily.  Here are a few of her faces—she was showing off for the camera:

Happy face.

Super happy face.

Sad face.

Scared face.

Surprise face.

Not to be confused with Shocked face.

Goofy face.

Not to be confused with Silly face.

And my personal favorite: Mom face.


Honestly, she writes her own material!  Her Grandma Kelly gave her a Boeing hat.  This is how she prefers to wear it. 

Once the hat is on, she’s built for speed!  She races around the house shouting, “I’m running!”



Little Miss Independent decided she didn’t want me to put her hair up anymore.

I decided I didn’t want to look at her with her hair in her eyes anymore.

We compromised and she got her first haircut!


Sophie’s cousin, Abby, came for a visit.  We haven’t seen Abby since Thanksgiving.  Sophie, naturally, didn’t want to leave her side.  Poor Abby!

They were busy girls and the weather was hot!  If they weren’t outside playing in the water, they were at the aquarium, zoo or museum of flight.


More great pictures from this month: