Our Toddler This Month



26 months


Oops!  2 months later…


Well, we’ll just have to make it a mega page, then!


Sophie, 25 months:


It all kicked off with a trip to Boise to introduce Finn to the whole family and to celebrate Sophie’s second birthday!


Sophie got to see her Great Grandma V again.  She showed her how she can somersault now!


Then she and Grandpa had a pool party!  It was a whale of a time!

Sophie made friends with a little girl named Ellie at Grandpop Glancey’s house.  They liked to pretend they were shopping while talking on their cell phones.


Grandpop and Grandmom Glancey have a pool in their backyard, so we had a pool party for Sophie and Finn!


Sophie loved the water!  We had to be very watchful because she would leap off the side any chance she got!


For her birthday, Sophie got this way cute hat from her Great Grandpop Glancey—sitting to her right.


After a very hectic weekend, we stopped at Great Grandma and Grandpa Shenks on the way out of town.


Many weekends we ask Sophie what she wants to do.  She always says she wants to go to the zoo and see the elephants.


Sophie, 26 months:


Apparently, Sophie can now open screw tops.

Isn’t she a magician with make-up?  It’s like she’s not even wearing any at all!


Finn was baptized September 9th.  To commemorate the occasion, I made Sophie a new princess dress to wear.


Unfortunately, she fell ill that morning and didn’t feel much like dressing up.


Although, she felt well enough that afternoon to cheer on the Vandals!


Sophie has a new fascination with the kitty and his claws.  She follows him everywhere saying, “he scratch you!”  Hmmm…I wonder if she knows that he’ll scratch her?


Sophie teasing the cat…again!


Sophie teasing the baby…again!


Sophie loves to take baths with her brother!  She suggests them nightly…


...They’re very squeaky clean!


Poor mom!  I get the boot and the kids take over my bed in the mornings!


Fighting already?!?


Future Vandals!


They’re so good at these little photo shoots!



I-D-A-H-O! Idaho! Idaho! Go, Go, Go!