Our Toddler This Month



28 months


Oops again!  2 months later…


Time just gets away from me anymore!


Sophie, 27 months (October):


Some of the few last nice days of the early fall were spent at the zoo.  They’ve got a wonderful playground for the kids and Sophie just loves the ‘cave’.


Then the weather turns cold and my fingers get crafty!  I was given this red corduroy with airplanes by Chris’s Aunt Helene and there was enough to make Finn a pair of overalls and Sophie a jumper.


And just as quickly as the trees turned, Halloween was upon us!  This year Sophie and Chris painted pumpkins but I carved mine.


Can you guess what Sophie and Finn were for Halloween?



Dora the Explorer and her little monkey friend, Boots!


Rainy days force me to get creative with activities for Sophie.  On this day, she painted.  What an appropriate pallet!


Mom likes to force these photo shoots.  Poor kids.


Sophie and Finn watching Nemo.


All dressed up for church.


Sophie, 28 months (November):


Sophie’s having a birthday party picnic just like Christopher Robin, Pooh and Piglet do in her book, “How to Catch a Heffalump.”  In Sophie’s version of the story, though, the lamb Care Bear Cousin is invited too.  Do you see Piglet?  Look just right of Pooh Bear’s birthday hat.



Attack of the Drooly Monster!  AAAAAAHH!


Another forced photo shoot.

Aren’t they sweet, though?


Nope not good enough…just a few more pictures…


Yep.  That’s the one.