Our Toddler This Month



Happy 2nd Birthday, Sophie!

Sophie at 2 years and Sophie at 1 year



Sophie had a wonderful birthday month.  Her Aunt Katie came for a visit and she brought the hot weather with her.  We stayed cool by the pool...


…with refreshments.


Grandma and Grandpop Glancey came for a visit, too.  They just returned from Hawaii and brought Sophie some “native garb”.


Sophie had a quiet birthday party with just Aunt Katie, Brother Finn, Dad, and Mom.  We celebrated with dinner at the Rainforest Café.  Sophie picked out a special birthday memento from the gift shop.  She chose a cute little monkey.  I asked her what the monkey’s name was—fully expecting to hear, “Bruce the Shark” because she names nearly everything “Bruce the Shark”—and she told me “Dark One.”  Ominous, no?


Sophie got lots of presents for her birthday!


She got a trike from her Grandma and Grandpa Behler.


She got a hippity hop from her Grandma and Grandpa Camp and Katie.

They also gave her a bunch more Mega Blocks!


Her brother, Finn, got her this “Cinderella” dress, shoes, “crown”, and ring.  She LOVES the shoes—ahem, I mean, glass slippers.


Sophie had a great check up with the doctor, too.  2 is the magical age in which you can double the height and that roughly corresponds to the height of the child when full grown.  Well, that would mean Sophie is going to be 6’2”!  With all this practice in those heels, she’s a super model in the making—because, of course, we all know she’ll be a knock out!



More great pictures from this month: