Our Baby This Week



5 months 2 weeks


I donít know how much longer Iíll have time for this website.Sophieís getting to be such a handful.She wants to go go go all the time!I think sheíll be crawling soon, so Iíve started to baby proof the house.I imagine that once she figures out how, she wonít stop for anything.Even nap time is a challenge now.I try to get her to lie down in the late afternoon but itís usually an hour battle before I give up and put her in her swing.She usually loses that battle, though.†† Sheís getting so strong too!She can reach out and grab the pole of her swing and stop herself swinging.She can pretty much stand by herself.Sheís just a little wobbly still.I have to be sneaky when Iím eating sandwiches because she loves to mooch.If she gets a hold of my hand with both her hands, she can usually out power me and get my hand to her mouth.I guess itís time to start pumping iron.




Look at the cute, chubby baby!



Sheís just like her Uncle Dav!



Sophieís momís mom, Sophieís momís momís momís mom, Sophie, Sophieís momís momís mom, Sophieís mom

(Grandma, Great Great Grandma, Sophie, Great Grandma, Mom)