Our Baby This Week



8 months


Well, it’s been a very exciting month for us, especially the last few days.  March is National Craft month, so in the spirit of things, I made sure to have plenty of projects on hand.  Well…I got one of them done— I made Sophia an Easter outfit (see picture below).   

Mid February, Sophia’s first tooth came through.  Now, she has 3 teeth:  the bottom middle two and one side incisor on the top.  I’ve tried many times to photograph them; she doesn’t want to cooperate.  Oh well. 

This month Sophia also battled her 2nd cold.  While it was short lived (for her not her parents—it’s amazing how little sleep mom and dad get when baby is sick), it did bring 2 minor ear infections too.  Luckily, they drained themselves and we didn’t need to do antibiotics.

March was also Sophia’s first St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.  Of course, she made an adorable Irish darling and loved dying Easter eggs.  On St. Patrick’s day she started a backwards “crawl”.  It’s more of a skootch than a crawl.  Then, the day before Easter, she started really crawling!  Well, it’s really sloppy but, she’s getting there.  Half the time it’s an army crawl and the other half it’s a sort of inch worm action.



So dramatic!


Happy Easter!


Such a happy Sophisaurus!



…and last but not least…


A moment of zen