Our Baby This Month



9 months


Wow!  I cannot believe another month has rolled by again.  More than that, I cannot believe little Sophie is not so little anymore.  Where did the last 9 months go?  I was just thinking that the 9 months of pregnancy just crawled by and, I swear, sometimes reversed.  But the first nine months of Sophie’s life whizzed by.  Anyway, this month was really exciting for us.  Sophie started crawling with her belly off the ground just a few days before her 9 month doctor’s check up.  I was a little concerned that she wasn’t going to crawl at all.  She’s been working so hard on walking since she was about 5 months old.  And, yes, she’s taking a few intermittent steps here and there before she tumbles over.  It won’t be long, I’m sure.  While she was saying ‘cat’ quite often about a month ago, that has seemed to lose its luster.  Now she likes to click her tongue and make raspberries.

Probably the most rewarding and wonderful milestone she’s achieved this month, from mom’s standpoint, is sleeping through the night.  FINALLY! 


Enjoy the pictures!


Sophie loves bath time!

(the boat she’s chewing on goes to a bath toy that was mine when I was a little girl.)


She’s got 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth!


She pulls herself up on everything now, and her hair is finally long enough to put a barrette in it!


She loves her kitty, even if the feeling’s not mutual.


“Look, Mom, no hands!”


Sophie loves walks and picnics!